Become the postmaster of your Gmail account

  • Send email campaigns in Gmail
  • Configure marketing funnels
  • Import spreadsheet data
  • Schedule campaign emails
  • Engage customers with surveys
  • Analyze campaign reports
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Email Campaigns

    Create personalized email campaigns and schedule times when they will be sent out to your customers
  • Contact Management

    Import customer data from popular spreadsheet formats and filter your customers for campaigns
  • Personalized Emails

    Generate content for your campaign emails based on the customer data that you've collected
  • Marketing Funnels

    Configure your campaigns to redirect customers to other campaigns when they complete actions
    • Pro & Team Subscriptions only
  • Surveys

    Engage with your customers by asking questions that they can answer from emails you send them
    • Pro & Team Subscriptions only
  • Reports

    View live detailed statistics & graphs for campaigns that you've scheduled to run
  • Unlimited Emails

    Send personalized emails to your customers while bypassing your Gmail daily sending limits
  • Drafts

    Test your campaigns by generating draft emails for yourself before sending emails to your customers
  • API Access

    Build sales funnels on your website that integrates with Gmaster through our public API
  • Support

    Read documentation from within Gmail & get online support from the Gmaster community
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